Tree to Table

The big, sweet flavor of Northwest pears comes from the natural hospitality of the region’s climate, the passionate growers who work year-round to produce the best fruit, and, of course, the long, delicious history of the pear itself. Each part of the fruit’s journey, from tree to table, forms a little piece of its amazing story—and adds to the flavor.

Long before the fruit lands on your plate, it grows from a tree nurtured by the rich soil of the Yakima or Rogue River Valley or is irrigated by the flowing waters of the snow-melt fed rivers of the Cascade Mountains. It spends time growing and maturing on a carefully pruned branch, passing gently through the hands of careful pickers, and ripens gracefully in a controlled environment.

With four major growing regions combining to make one of the world’s biggest and best sources of pears, there’s a lot to know about Northwest pears. More than 800 grower families produce 87% of the country’s fresh pears and behind those numbers are the people, places, and hard work that contribute to the quality. And still they are just one essential part of an industry that also includes pickers, packing houses and shippers, and the supportive communities in the growing regions: they say it takes a village to raise a child, but the same is true of pears!

Consider this site your introduction to the wonderful world of USA Pears: explore the regions, meet our growers, and follow the path of your pears, from field to market.

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